Why You Should Use Your Silver Everyday + Easy Cleaning Tips

Why You Should Use Your Silver Everyday + Easy Cleaning Tips

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Many a time, silver trays, candlesticks or flatware that you’ve inherited and loved from your relatives ends up sitting in a cabinet or stored away somewhere. The dread of it all is polishing it.  Some, however, think a little tarnish on your silver shows age and character.

Nonetheless, isn’t it time your brought that silver out and use it every day? As Marie Kondo says,  “If it brings you joy, keep it. If it doesn’t, thank it and get rid of it." If you don’t have the heart to put it on ebay and sell it, than use and enjoy it.

The more you use it, the less you need to polish it


Really use it.  In your kitchen you have kitchen cabinets and drawers.  In one drawer you have your every day flatware. Another might have your cooking utensils and odds and ends.  Use yet another drawer for your good silver.  If it is there ready to go it is so simple to reach in and use it to set the table at dinner.   Why save it for holidays and company?


If you are using it daily, you can put your flatware in the dishwasher. It is perfectly safe and will keep it nice and clean.  Everyone once in a while you might want to give it a once over polish, but for the most part, it will stay nice and clean.  For other silver pieces, you can use some of the following easy methods of cleaning.

The Boiling Method

watch above video

You’ll Need:

-Pot of Boiling Water


-1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda

-1 Tablespoon of Salt

1/2 Cup of White Vinegar


1. Into the boiling water add all of the above ingredients

2. Dip for a few seconds until you see the tarnish fall away from the silver

3. Remove, dry carefully with a soft t-shirt grade material

For the Hard to Clean Spots

Make Your Own Cleaning Paste 

Mix 1 part baking soda or olive oil to 4 parts lemon juice together in a glass or ceramic bowl. Use a cloth, such as an old t-shire and gently massage the past on the silver. Wipe it off, rinse with tepid, clean water and wipe dry with a dry cloth.   Make enough just to use for this polishing as this paste does not store well.

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