Veggie Gardening in the time of a Pandemic

Veggie Gardening in the time of a Pandemic


During both World Wars they were called War Gardens or more commonly Victory Gardens. While farms grew produce to be shipped overseas to our fighting troops, families grew their own vegetables in their backyards. In earlier times, if you were not a farmer by vocation, families had their own ‘Kitchen Gardens’ and grew their own food as a matter of course.  Recently individual gardens have been inspired by the farm-to-table and sustainability movements and individual gardens are simply called Veggie Gardens.

Uncertain times upon us with the sudden onset of the Corona-virus, more people are planting their own gardens once again.  It might be your turn to try. If you have never put a seed in the ground before, do not be intimated.  You can do this.  Take this time at home to work the garden with you and your family. You’ll be guaranteed fresh, organic produce; you’ll not have to worry about shopping and it will give you something worthwhile to do during the time of the pandemic.

How to Start

Pre-planned small garden are the quickest and easiest way to start this project. If you want to bypass clearing a patch of land and preparing the soil, you might like to opt for raised bed gardens. There are tons of garden supply businesses online and we are a fan of all of them. We love Gardener’s Supply Company which can offer you pre-planned gardens, the seeds and the raised beds.  They are ready for you to buy now and put into action immediately. For pre-made raised beds or containers that will take very little effort to put together, see the suggestions below or call you local garden or farm supply store to see if you can get them there.

Getting the Supplies

Of course you can order your seeds and almost anything else you want online but check with your local garden shop or other stores such as Home Depot, Lowes or Agway.  Most of them are offering an ‘order and pay ahead’ service. They’ll pack up your order and you can pick it up outside or they might even deliver it to you.

Some of favorite non-GMO or organic seed or live plant companies that ship are Johnny Seeds, Seed SaversBurpee Seeds and Grow Organic.

These planters and boxes can be ordered online and delivered to your door within days.

Short on space- this three-tier planters fit the bill from Wayfair

Each planter dimensions: 6.5" H x 40" W x 7.9" D

Order 47 cu. ft. of soil to fill

Big enough for a nice sized  kitchen garden from Home Depot

17.5" x  96" x 48"

Order 47 cu. ft. of soil to fill

When to Plant

When and what to plant depends on where you live. Every area of the country has it’s own conditions.  Your best resource will be your local Master Gardener’s Program. Every state has one most often as part of the state university.  They will have a chart of when to plant what. For instance, some vegetables thrive well in cooler weather and not in warm climates and visa-versa.  Contact them with questions, soil analysis and further education.

Getting Back to Basics

We will get through this difficult and unusual time in our history just as we have numerous times before this.  Meanwhile, let’s take advantage of the time to get back to basics, to learn how to be more self-sufficient. Look upon this time at home as a gift.  There’s a lot of gratification to be had in caring for you and yours. Embrace it and go get your hands dirty.


Take a look at and/or follow our Pinterest Board on Classic Gardens.  You’ll find information and garden ideas that help you create the garden of your dreams.

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