Traditional Trade Careers at NBSS

Traditional Trade Careers at NBSS

Exploring Traditional Trades at North Bennet Street School

From those who grow weary of their dull nine-to-five office jobs, to bright young people unconvinced about the true value of a four-year degree, hordes of people throughout the United States find themselves unfulfilled and uninspired by their careers and their futures. Perhaps unbeknownst to them, there is a cure for their woes; a solution to their problem; an outlet for their untapped creativity; and, a path to create a life and a livelihood while never stepping foot in a dreaded cubicle ever again. The answer? Traditional trade and vocational schools

Now more than ever, the world needs craftspeople to preserve traditional trades and honest craftsmanship. VoTech and trade schools train all kinds of people in critical skills and crafts, so that they can make a living from making and creating things that the world desperately needs.

A History of Craftsmanship & Compassion

The first such school in the United States is North Bennet Street School. Originally founded in 1881, NBSS has been equipping students from Boston and beyond with the skills they need to create “A GOOD LIFE, BUILT BY HAND” for well over a century. The school was created to train immigrants in the Boston area for in-demand crafts, in order to help them adjust to their new community and find work. Throughout the years NBSS has evolved into an organization working to preserve lost trades, help students create meaningful work and livelihoods, and give back to the Boston community. NBSS is credited for developing a sense of neighborliness and care in the Boston area throughout its history. Now, NBSS lives up to its reputation and history, providing fully-accredited programs for intensive training and continuing education in an array of trades and specializations.

Preserving the Past & Protecting the Future

NBSS is the premier craft, traditional trade, and artisan school in the country. Folks who are looking to learn a completely new craft, and how to turn that craft into a career, will be best served by their nine full-time programs, including…

  • Cabinet & Furniture Making Students are trained in a traditional foundation of design and craftsmanship, and encouraged to develop their own unique and creative style.
  • Carpentry The carpentry program is a 9-month intensive, focused on both training in the classroom and hands-on job site preparation.
  • Preservation Carpentry Students in the preservation carpentry program share a love of history and tradition. They are trained in the specialized skills of preservation and restoration, which can be applied in many types of jobs in the industry.

Full-time students at NBSS graduate with the assurance that they have received top-notch training and exhaustive job preparation. These programs account for just a fraction of the traditional trades NBSS offers to their diverse cohort of students. People from all walks of life can embrace the motto of “A GOOD LIFE, BUILT BY HAND,” whether looking to shift gears or simply pick up a new hobby. By passing down critical skills to future generations, North Bennet Street School is both preserving the past, and protecting the future.

Photos Courtesy of North Bennet Street School.

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