Varieties of Honey with Bee Wild Honey

Varieties of Honey with Bee Wild Honey


Bee Wild, More Than a Local Honey Company

John Wright, a third generation beekeeper, is keeping his family’s business and mission alive in Northern Georgia.   His grandfather ignited the beekeeper passion in his then 10 year old son, John’s Dad, by giving him 10 hives to raise. He went on to receive a degree in forestry, started his own ‘Honey House’ and taught John the trade and the environmental importance of bees.

John joined his Dad in the business bringing in new ideas and expanding the brand into the wellness and sustainability markets.  His mission is to educate his customers not only to the importance of bees as the foundation of the food chain, but to the nuances of honeys.

Honey is like Wine

The many varieties and infusions of honey should be paired with food accordingly

Bee Wild’s Products

Bee Wild’s products include raw honey from five different types of harvest  leading with the very coveted Sourwood.   Devil’s Advocate Ghost Pepper-Infused Honey, Lavender-infused honey and the newly added Meyer Lemon honey are part of their Gourmet line. Additionally, honey has been known as a beauty product for centuries, and Bee Wild is upholding that tradition in their spa level skin and body products.

Bee Keeping Coaching

Whether you’re a hobbyist who’s not having a lot of success with your hives or you need a little hand-holding, you need to be a part of Bee Wild’s on-demand beekeeping coaching program. You’ll have email and phone access to one of their beekeepers who will answer your questions or help you troubleshoot any problems you might have. Video chat so they can take a look at your hive to see what’s happening.  It’ll change your beekeeping life.

You’ll also have access to their awesome podcast on a variety of beekeeping topics.

Available monthly or in 3 or 6-month packages to give you the most chance of success with your hives.

Beekeeping Coaching

Sourwood Honey

The Sourwood Tree is also called the Lily of the Valley Tree. It blooms in mid summer  near the Appalachian Trail.  The honey that has been accumulated in the hives is removed in late June and when the bees add the new honey to the hives, they produce a pure honey that has a rich caramel flavor with buttery maple overtones.


Homemade biscuits or breads

Delicate teas such as Oolong or White tea.

Orange Blossom Honey

The raw honey originates in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California where there is a high density of citrus trees for the honeybees to pollinate and collect their nectar which is extra sweet with a citrus aroma.


French Toast or Cheese plates

Delicate teas such as Oolong

Gallberry Raw Honey

Gallberry honey comes from a small evergreen shrub that grows in the pine woods and swamps of the deep South.  Smoothy, buttery and said to aid in the digestion.


Plain Yogurt

Soft Cheeses

Wildflower Honey

The bees pollinate and gather their nectar in June when the wildflowers are blooming and produce this smooth, malty and buttery honey.


Strong cheeses

Star Thistle Honey

Star Thistle Honey is harvested in Northern Michigan. This thick unique honey has a very robust and floral flavor profile that can have overtones of almonds, cinnamon, and molasses. Try this drizzled over oven-roasted apples & cinnamon or in a floral tea.


Strong cheeses

Meet Our Artisans

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