The Best Front Door Paint

The Best Front Door Paint

Years ago when visiting Martha’s Vineyard, we stayed at The Charlotte Inn, the quintessential example of the perfect New England coastal inn which fully embraced country elegance mixed with a warm small town feeling.  I was on a mother-daughter trip with my mother, who was an interior designer, and the first thing we both noticed was the paint.  That might sound crazy, but the paint… the colors and the finish was extraordinary.  The high gloss looked like painted glass, smooth and shiny without a brush stroke in it.  It reminded my mother of the much loved, now dreaded,  lead paint which had been banned because of it’s toxic elements.  Don’t laugh, lead paint was used for it’s beauty and longevity.  Evidently, Gerry Conover, the owner of the Inn, said it didn’t have an ounce of lead in it but was from Fine Paints of Europe, who had been able to emulate the look without the lead.

My mother was hooked. She began ordering the paint for all of her client’s homes, especially for the front doors, which were Fine Paints of Europe’s signature front doors, and became something my mother was known for amongst her clients as well. For years she heard how durable and fresh the paint looked from her clients.

Fast forward – in doing research for our article, Amazing Colors that Might Shock You,  I became reacquainted with Fine Paints of Europe to see that they had continued on a great path and had worked with such notables as Mount Vernon,  Evergreen Plantation in Louisiana and notable private properties around the country since my visit those many years ago.  My obsession was renewed and I began to stalk them online.

Here is what I found.

A few of the doors that have been painted with their Dutch Door Kit are below. Could your front door look like this?

image courtesy of Shearer Painting, Bellevue, Washington 

Even more exciting was they offered the Dutch Door Kit, which came with everything you’d need to paint your door.  We are thrilled to be able to offer the kit to you here on Artisans List.  You should be able to paint your front door in an weekend   including drying time. Make sure you follow their instructions for the best possible results.

The Dutch Door Kit

The Dutch Door Kit includes everything you need to properly prepare, prime and paint one door, inside and out:

– Detailed instructions on how to complete the project flawlessly
– Sandpaper – 2 sheets – medium grit (220) and fine grit (400)
– Primer – one liter of the correct primer for wooden, steel or fiberglass door (Please specify when purchasing)*
– Solvent – one liter of FPE Mineral Spirits – will allow you to slightly thin primer and paint if necessary and clean your brush
– Paint- one liter of Hollandlac Brilliant 98 or Hollandlac Satin Enamel in the color of your choice.
– Brush – an Omega S57- 2.5 inch flat brush, for perfect application of primer and paint
– $171 value – at Artisans List – $140.

Oil Primer/Undercoat

Fiberglass Door Applications:
*One coat of Oil Primer/Undercoat  must be applied over Keyprimer in instances where Hollandlac Brilliant 98 or Satin is the desired topcoat on an unpainted fiberglass door.  This is not included in the Dutch Door Kit.




Fiberglass Door Applications:
*One coat of Oil Primer/Undercoat must be applied over Keyprimer in instances where Hollandlac Brilliant 98 or Satin is the desired topcoat on an unpainted fiberglass door. The Oil Primer/Undercoat would be a separate item which would need to be purchased in addition to the Dutch Door Kit.

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