Stock Tip

Stock Tip


When we “top and tail” our vegetables (Gordon Ramsey speak for cutting the ends off), should we just throw those bits in the trash or compost? We certainly could.

But …

why not bag them and put them into the freezer, if there’s room. At some point, you have a large bag of vegetable parts that can be the base for a great vegetable stock (or beef/chicken/veal/fish if you add those too). You’ll reduce the trash or compost quantity and get the maximal use from each item that comes through the kitchen. Onion peels in particular give off an amazing amount of onion flavor and color when slowly cooked into a broth. Lobster shells from the freezer can be sautéed in a pan and form the base of a lovely bisque at any time. Bits of fish, saved and frozen, that might not be great on a plate are often great in a stock.

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