Six Ways to Declutter Your Home

Six Ways to Declutter Your Home

Is the mess of junk and clutter in your home holding you back from creating a space you truly love? If you have an affinity for collectibles and sentimental items you’ve amassed over the years, it’s worth considering whether these beloved items are truly adding value or visual appeal to your home. More often than not, what might have began as a sentimental display has become a daunting pile of mess! Perhaps it’s time to declutter your home.

Rule # 1: 

If you haven’t used it for 2 years or more – it goes out.

Rule # 2:

If you have too much of something, like 4 sets of pots, too many chairs in a room… pick your favorites – the rest goes out.

Rule # 3:

If you are ‘someday’ going to fix it – it has to go.

 Tips on How to Get Declutter
  • Give away any excess sentimental items you know your friends or family would love to have.
  • Throw out anything that’s truly junk (tip: if you’d be embarrassed to have it on display, consider tossing it.)
  • Donate items to a charity organization like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Salvation Army, or local nonprofits.
  • Sell Online any collectibles that you might be able to make a nice profit on. We love Chairish and Ebay.
  • Host a Yard Sale and invite neighbors and others in your community to pilfer through any old clothes or knick-knacks
  • Auction off your high-quality items like antiques, furniture. Contact a local auction house or estate sale broker.
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