Two second generation Fixer Uppers on a mission to bring back the best of the past

It all started at the Brimfield Antique Market when, Cindy Bogart, a former Better Homes & Gardens editor, tried to get antique dealers’ website addresses in order to contact them after the show. What she got were interesting conversations where she learned about antiques, heard stories from the old timers and made a few friends along the way. Most shared phone numbers and addresses but many did not have a website.

At the time, she and her husband were working on their own home renovation in Rhode Island. They looked online for local restoration sources with no luck. The only way they found people who could actually restore their house was by asking neighbors, looking in the local paper and stopping at job sites where similar work was being done.  

It was clear. Brimfield vendors and the restoration trades had one thing in common.  They were too busy working to figure out how to market themselves.  Cindy came up with the concept of an online niche directory and community that could connect these small businesses with folks, like her, who are looking for them.

Anxious to make Artisans List a reality, she reached out to the head of Rhode Island’s SBA-supported Women’s Business Center, Mary Gervais for help.  Mary, a former small business owner, herself, had spent the last few years helping hundreds of small businesses succeed and was passionate about giving people the tools and knowledge to realize their dreams of owning and growing their own businesses.  The two shared the same mission and joined together to build Artisans List where their goal was to help people in so many different ways.

In their first office, the corner table by the fireplace in Felicia’s Coffee Shop in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, they formulated their vision:  To create a vetted resource directory where small businesses and people could connect, share and learn how to use methods, materials and values from the past in refreshingly new and useful ways.

Here’s How We Work


Artisans List is designed for busy folks, like you, who want to find unique sources to help them create their own lifestyle. No matter if you are living in a city, the suburbs or the country, there is an increasing awareness of reusing old materials to bring character and history into our homes. All across the country, people are DIY’ing their own projects, ship-lapping their walls and reusing salvaged materials in their old or new homes. Included in this movement is the desire to eat natural or organic food, preferably fresh and/or local.


Artisans List is a niche online directory and community for traditionally based businesses – old home restoration, craftsman and yes, even the small farm-to -table folks. Here you gain  exposure with your own, mini website page that is easy-to-set up.  Sure,  there are other business directories, but they are large and costly and small businesses are easily lost in those huge ponds.  At Artisans List, you can easily be found in a local or national search and you can chat with potential customers right from your own listing page.


This is a special place where both businesses and regular folks can share their projects.  We invite you to post your projects on the  Artisans List Community Board, whether it is a refinished piece of furniture or your entire house project.  Meet others… get inspired, learn and make new friends who share your passions.

Just like at Brimfield, this is a place where stories, traditions and information can be passed onto others.