Two second generation Fixer Uppers on a mission to bring back the best of the past

Artisans List was born from an ‘AHA!’ moment at the Brimfield Antiques Market in Massachusetts. It all started when co-founder, Cindy Bogart, a former Better Homes & Gardens editor, noticed that a great many of the vendors lacked websites or an online presence.  Passionate about vintage antiques and lifestyles, she saw that other traditional trades, artisans, home restoration professionals and farmers had the same issue. It was clear. They were too busy engaging in their crafts and professions to spend time on developing a website or social media presence. 

That observation kicked off the idea of creating a niche directory to help these small businesses get good online exposure. But it had to be really simple for the business owner – a set-it and forget-it model that would enable them to successfully connect with an increasing number of  people who were shopping fresh and local, ship-lapping their walls and reusing salvaged materials in their homes.  And it had to work for the folks who were looking for help in finding great sources for the kinds of lifestyles they were working to create for themselves. In other words, it had to be a win-win for everyone.

As the concept took shape, Cindy met Mary Gervais, who was head of Rhode Island’s SBA-supported Women’s Business Center. A former business owner herself, Mary understood the value of helping people realize their dream of owning and growing their own businesses. A true connection was established and Cindy’s creative spirit and Mary’s business acumen created the ideal partnership.  Their first office was at a corner table at Felicia’s Coffee Shop in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, where they laid out their plans to bring the ‘artisan’ minded community together in one place online. Their vision:  To create a vetted resource directory where people could connect, share and learn.  Their mission: To help people find and use methods, materials and values from the past in refreshingly new and useful ways.