Artisans of the Anvil

We strive to be the best craftsmen in the business and we don”t mess around with quality control.  It looks right or it gets remade.  And our techniques are the techniques of the ages.  Fire and hammer, torch and welder, pencil and computer.  All are used to make concept a reality, but with only the best quality.

We start with the pencil and paper, a good conversation with our client and our years of experience.  A sketch, then a render is made. We encourage dialogue with all those involved but with utmost attention to the client.  This dialogue leads to a finished drawing, to scale, and preferably by hand.  With agreement from the customer this drawing becomes our guide to the final product. Of course changes are often made in the bringing out from a flat drawing to the three dimensions of the piece, but we have highest regard for the integrity of the drawing.  It is after all our customers expectation.  And meeting expectations is extremely important.

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40 N 2nd St, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, 18360, USA
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