Whetstone Workshop

Whetstone Workshop

Industrial High-End Manufacturing


Founder and principal designer, Isaac Juodvalkis, first cut his metal working teeth in 2000 at 2Bennett Audimotive where, after a brief stint as a shop hand, was quickly promoted to Lead Fabricator, constructing roll-cages for race cars. In 2002 he joined Metropolis Metal Works, an architectural metal fabricator in Alameda, California. While there Isaac continued to hone his fabricating skills and learned to deliver high-quality finish work in accordance with the demanding expectations and high standard of clients. Concurrently he cultivated a growing interest in design that led to enrollment into the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. Although tempted by the many design and fabricating choices at RISD, Isaac committed to the Department of Industrial Design, to integrate his impressive fabrication skills with a comprehensive education in contemporary design.

Whetstone Workshop was founded in 2010 with the intention of providing collaborative opportunities for designers and architects to convert what you imagine into what is tangible. Whetstone can create what you want, translating design into manufacture with our multiple capabilities. Fabricating and assembling all components in-house with hands-on machinery allows us to maintain control over the production process and assures the quality of our pieces. We are here to work with you to realize your vision.

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