VJ Plastering

VJ Plastering

Traditional Plaster


Our artisan plastering has a timeless beauty that can’t be recreated by any other method. With impeccable detailing, spectacular finishes, and an innovative use of colors and textures, V & J’s plastering has become a preferred finish for high-end home builders, architects, and decorators – and most importantly, their clients. From old-world elegance to contemporary refinement, the versatility and beauty of plaster finishes is unmatched. In addition, plaster is an ages-old environmentally responsible building material and finish.

At V & J Construction Co, our mission and long-standing tradition has been to exceed the expectations of our clients with our extraordinary craftsmanship, superior quality products, and courteous service. Having serving a prestigious customer base throughout the Somerset Hills of central NJ and along the Shore, we can be counted on to care for your plastering needs with the needed diligence and attention to detail.

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