Vintage Inc.

Vintage Inc.

Traditional Craftsmanship with Restoration


We are a team of artist craftspeople who love old buildings. Our focus is on historic replica construction and traditional craftsmanship, as well as complex new work. We take great care in choosing appropriate building materials to enhance the buildings on which we work.

We do one or two major projects at a time, depending on their size. Once we start your job, you can count on a consistent and steady progress toward completion. Restoration, building renovation, historic preservation and period carpentry are all creative, brainstorming tasks. We particularly enjoy and welcome the chance to work with others in our field, such as architects, decorators, and historians. We welcome input, and enjoy the team spirit that is often present when “carpentry research” is underway. We handle large and complex renovation/restoration projects, from the structural work to the finish details. For our new work, we apply the successful details that we have learned from our older projects to build structures that will last for generations.

Our building methods are distinct. Other than specialty mechanical subcontractors, most of our work will be done by Vintage employees, and not by outside sub-contractors. We pride ourselves on employing skilled people who care about the work. Vintage employs artisans; people who know how important every detail can be.

We love what we do, and particularly enjoy and excel at complicated and highly detailed projects. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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