Vermont Verde Antique

Vermont Verde Antique

A Dark Green Serpentine Stone


Vermont Verde Antique® is a dark green serpentine stone quarried in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Vermont Verde Antique® serpentine countertops are chosen over marble or granite countertops because serpentine has the warmth and look of marble yet is harder and less porous than many types of granite. It is a favorite of architects, designers and fabricators, and has been specified for interior and exterior use on numerous domestic and international projects since the early 1900s.

Vermont Verde Antique® is available in both slab and tile form in standard sizes for residential and commercial kitchen and bath countertops, and floors.

With our own processing facility in Barre, Vermont we can supply custom sizes and different finishes, with short lead times – from small scale local kitchens, to major international architectural projects.

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