Turada Shingles

Turada Shingles

The Untreated Alternative


Turada® Hardwood Shingles are made from Wallaba “a tropical hardwood” and are produced in a state of the art factory in Guyana. The shingles are a green building product that requires no chemical treatment. Consequently, these shingles have no adverse effects on the environment in which they are installed.

Turada® Hardwood Shingles will add a touch of rustic elegance to your home or vacation cabins. These shingles are aesthetically pleasing, highly durable and complement the cross-section where quality and beauty intersect. Additionally, as Turada® Hardwood Shingles age they lose their reddish tone and take on a Silver hue, further enhancing the rustic appearance of your roof.

Turada® Hardwood Shingles can give your home a classic rustic look while offering long-term protection for your roof. Turada® Hardwood Shingles are taper-sawn, 100% clear, 100% heartwood, and are naturally resistant to insects and decay. They are significantly stronger than traditional Cedar or Southern Yellow Pine. They are suitable for any climate and have withstood category 5 hurricane winds. Not only are the Turada® Hardwood Shingles an attractive alternative to cedar shingles, but they also provide extra insulation with a higher R-Value (in comparison to other roofing products) and in most cases can be installed over existing roofing.

Longevity & Safety
Turada® Hardwood Shingles are long lasting with a lifespan of over 50 years. The shingles also have the highest Fire-Resistance Rating and meet a Class “A, B or C” Fire Rated Roof System per ASTM E108 with absolutely no chemical treatment.

It’s no surprise that Turada® Hardwood Shingles are the first choice of architects and designers around the world. With world recognition, Turada® Hardwood Shingles have been used internationally with great success and are now available in the United States. Check out our photo gallery to see how Turada® Hardwood Shingles are impacting international projects.

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