Tory Hill Glass & Restorations

Tory Hill Glass & Restorations

True Custom Millwork


The owner, Susan Blake, attended college for fine arts. Her interest in the arts provides a true bridge to some of the unique pattern type units Tory Hill Glass constructs. She has had the honor of contributing to many architectural projects through the inclusion of custom insulating glass (IG).

Starting in the glass business in 1985, Susan began developing her skills in the insulating glass industry. In order to further the idea of achieving extreme accuracy in the custom IG market, she moved on in 1990 to become the co-founder of a combination millwork and insulating glass company. This joint venture resulted in a better understanding of how the two professions meld their products. It was during that time Susan developed her vision of how the narrow sight lines needed to be perfected in order to contribute to historical preservation and true custom millwork.

In 1995, Susan’s enthusiasm to expand the insulating glass lines and follow her vision brought her to forming Tory Hill Glass & Restorations. This business decision was paramount in being able to enter working relationships with some of the finest millwork companies in the region. These are the companies Tory Hill Glass continues to work with.

Susan’s vision soon became the mission statement of Tory Hill Glass. Construct a custom, quality insulating glass unit with the best materials for the true divided lite and historic market. To that end, Tory Hill Glass offers accurate 5/16” sight lines for custom window manufacturers on units of three square feet and under. Units can also be ordered with 11/32”, 3/8” and 7/16” sight lines.

Susan has handpicked a small team of co-workers that share in her vision; dedication of/to the purpose Tory Hill Glass is in business, and pride of working for the clients they do work for.

Being in a continually evolving field, new and often innovative products and techniques are introduced. Tory Hill Glass strives to stay abreast of these and seriously considers their potential to the insulating glass market. Prior to deciding to change to a new product or to incorporate a change in the construction technique, Tory Hill Glass relies on research and testing. They continually have units in various stages of testing. Conversations take place between Tory Hill Glass and their clients regarding any change. After all, ultimately it is their clients’ needs that have to be met.

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