Tobies Restoration

Tobies Restoration

Full-Service Timberframe Restoration Company


Uwe Tobies is a highly trained and skilled craftsman from the Ruhr region in Germany. He began his career as an apprentice cabinet-maker and finish carpenter in 1991.then he spent eight years specializing in the restoration of traditional German half-timbered houses and was employed by the prestigious firm of Holz-und Lehmbau Gmbh. Barn Restoration Timber framingAnd today, is recognized as one of the area’s most distinguished timber framers in MA.

Many of the houses Uwe has worked on have been dated to the 1500s and 1600s. Beyond barn construction and barn restoration, timber framing, and timberframe structures, his work in Germany included the restoration of doors, windows, floors, and trusses, and working with traditional german clay-plaster and natural insulation.

Since coming to the North-East, he has broadened his expertise in restoring timberframes, designing the restoration of the finest antique barns, and colonial era homes throughout Massachusetts and New England. His specialty is the structural repair, rigging, straightening, and moving of timber-frame structures. In Germany and the United States, pride in craftsmanship and enthusiasm for historic buildings has been the foundation of his work.

“It takes only an instant for a person to be directed to a path that he will follow the rest of his life.”

– Eric Sloane

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