Three Feathers Pewter

Three Feathers PewterClaimed

Handmade Pewterware


Since 1997 I have been a hand Pewterer. I apprenticed for seven years with my husband who is a Master Pewterer. When he retired in 2006 I purchased Three Feathers Pewter from him to carry this traditional craft into the next generation. My pewter is a lead-free formula of tin, antimony and copper. It is safe for food use and with proper care, can be passed down to future generations. Over the years, many of my customers / patrons have been lovers of history ranging from medieval – early Victorian. My buttons, jewelry and tree ornaments cover many time periods however, I make my tableware in the style of early American. Because of the plain, clean lines of my tableware it can be dressed down with wood and mason jars for a country style table or dressed up with crystal and china for a more formal table.

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