Swiatek Studios

Swiatek Studios

Restoration Services to Churches and Historic Landmarks


Swiatek Studios Inc. was originally founded as H. Swiatek & Son in 1967 by Henry Swiatek, Sr. The Studio provided restoration services to churches and historic landmarks with emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. The tradition continued as Henry Swiatek, Jr. and his son, Brett Swiatek, and daughter, Stacey Swiatek, started to restore many historic buildings throughout the Northeast, placing special attention on home restoration and faux painting services.

The Studio is well known for our specialization in high-level architectural restoration projects, craftsmanship, historic conservation, decorative painting, statue restoration, plastering, stained glass repair, and restoration. We passionately apply our collective knowledge to each and every project and focus on the design and production of quality artwork. You can see the results of this dedication in our work.

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