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Serving customers in Wisconsin, Northern IL and around the country, master woodworker & architectural carver Hugo Saavedra brings 35+ years of training & experience in the art of woodworking, conservation, preservation and restoration to each piece he touches. Having trained in Uruguay, Italy and Germany, Saavedra now calls Southeast Wisconsin home and creates custom doors, mantels, built-ins and carved embellishments for his customers, both residential and commercial.

In his native country, Saavedra was a woodworker and furniture restorer of Uruguay’s National Library’s historical wood assets. From there he was entrusted in the management of historical wooden objects -including restoration, prevention, and safeguarding of objects through proper storage, preservation and use – at Uruguay’s Ministry of Culture and Education.

His design work can be found in homes and business from South America and Europe to the United States. With a reputation for excellence, Saavedra was invited to the U.S. to apply his skills to projects in the southeast. For one project, he spent two years in the architectural hand-carving of moldings, panels and other woodwork throughout the Palm Beach mansion of a popular media personality.

Custom doors are a feature of Superb Woodworks; people desire something that not only lasts a lifetime (and beyond), but that’s also unique to their home or business. There’s nothing “off the rack” at Superb Woodworks.

See his websites: https://superbwoodworks.com and https://hugosaavedrastudio.com

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