Smithey Ironware

Smithey Ironware


A Smithey’s surface is glassy smooth, similar to vintage cast iron cookware manufactured over 100 years ago. No corner cutting at Smithey, so you won’t find the granular, rough, sandpaper-like surface you may have experienced with other modern cast iron. By hand and machine, we have reinvented a method of polishing your cookware so that you enjoy a natural non-stick surface out-of-the-box. A Smithey’s surface is not only a delight to cook on, it is a handsome addition to your range. A touch of oil & over easy fried eggs are graceful again.

Cast-iron has a reputation for being troublesome to clean, but thanks to Smithey’s polished surface, nothing more than a light scrub under warm water will do. Simply dry the piece thoroughly, apply a light layer of oil, and enjoy your heirloom over a few more generations.

We’re so proud of this one, we cast it into the underside of each piece that leaves our shop. Each and every Smithey is manufactured in the USA – design, casting, polishing, finishing, and packaging. Our company’s home base is Charleston, SC, a city celebrated as much for its architectural excellence as its vibrant food culture. We like to think that the foundations that make Charleston a renowned city have found their way into the design of our cookware.

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