Quemere Designs

Quemere Designs

Luxury Tile


Quemere International Handmade Tile began production in 1987.

Originating from old world hand carving technique and design, our products cater to the requirements of the exclusive client. Luxury architecture demands the best in design, craftsmanship and quality. Quemere is the answer.

Our Designer and Hand Carver can take an idea from conception to final product with a skill that that is unique in today’s industrial atmosphere. We continue to produce in a way that allows us to obtain colors and clarity not possible in mass production.

Quemere tiles are known for having a very detailed handcrafted finish. We are constantly developing new designs, glazes and colors. At Quemere, we work hard to make our tiles the best they can be. We will never compromise on quality.

We know that choosing the best handmade ceramic tile design for your project is no small task. So we invite you to come and see our wide selection of designs and colors.

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