Porcelain Tub Restoration

Porcelain Tub Restoration

Budget Bathroom Remodeling Contractor


Hi, you’re not alone, I’m Paul Burns CEO & founder of Porcelain Tub Restoration.
At the end of 1989, my mom got ripped off having her tub refinished. Times were tight back then 3 kids and an old home to take care of. My folks saved up to get our family’s old beat up cast iron tub refinished.

At first, all was well, she was giddy about getting her tub done and saving so much over replacement.

But then it happened!… within a week the new coating simply peeled right off the tub and I remember, she literally wept when the coating simply washed away and the scumbag chump wouldn’t respond to her calls or tears.

Yeah… it made me mad as a wet cat… as a classic car painter since 1983, I knew with my background how it should have been done. With a little research and testing, I got her bathtub properly prepped and refinished, without a hitch.
I realized folks like you needed an ethical and honest bathroom & kitchen refinishing contractor.

So I started Porcelain Tub Restorations and within a few months, I was able to quit my job and the rest is history. Now you too can benefit from my 30 years of refinishing experience.

Be sure to investigate any refinishing contractor by using the information on this web site and I promise you’re going to discover… the HUGE difference between refinishing contractors – process – coatings.

I am not the fastest. I am not the cheapest bathroom – kitchen refinishing contractor around I am however according to my customer the BEST. See 100’s of un-censored reviews here…

Are you anxious to get the job done… Or are you anxious to get the job done right?

Me and “Not done right” Don’t get along very well. If I have to choose between profit and perfection. I’ll choose perfection every single time.

You’ll Get What You Pay For… I could honestly care less if you have a list of refinishers who are cheaper. We cost a little more, we take a little longer but wait until you see the final product.

Buying At The Low End Is A Recipe For Disaster. You want a rock-solid company & process that brings pride and value to your home and we deliver that every single time.

We’ll Pick Your Brain, Infuse it with ideas, and help you discover exactly what you want all while saving a fortune over bathtub replacement.
We specialize in “Even Better Than I Imagined Refinishing”. Most contractors are order takers. We are dream makers.

You’ll get unequaled-customer-service. The highest quality product and my personal guarantee you’ll love your refinishing project or it’s FREE.

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