Paul E. Dutell

Paul E. Dutell

Roofers and Metal Craftsmen


Paul E. Dutelle and Co. Inc. has been in business since 1893, when Mr. Dutelle purchased the company from John Farquhar Sons Inc. under whom he apprenticed. John Farquhar established the company originally in 1823. We incorporated in 1928 with Paul E. Dutelle as our president until his passing in 1955.

At that time, George B. Jarvis, Sr., who served as Vice President under Mr Dutelle, became the owner and president of our company. When George Sr. passed away in 1981, his son George Jr. took over as president and oversaw our operation until 1992, when he passed the day to day operation of our organization to his nephew Charles T. Curran. Charles is our current president, keeping us a family-owned and operated business.

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