Old Time Restoration

Old Time Restoration


For nearly 30 years, Old Time Restoration has been building high quality structures. Founded in 1979 by Steven Curtis Sr. went on his way to build the remarkable company of Old Time Restoration Inc. with an reputation that many dream to have. With merged a wealth of experience and skill into a company that does the jobs no one else dares to do. Many have called him a mad man for the work he has built his reputation on church steeples. The man who looks at challenges not as difficult but as an adventure. Old Time Restoration Inc. is not a typical construction company. It is a family. Once you have been in contact with Mr. Curtis his warm hearted personalty embraces as one of his own.
Our knowledge of old buildings are second to anyone and our 30 years of following OSHA laws will provide the client the safest work site and peace of mind during the project.

Mr. Curtis started in the business in the mid 70’s during summers on cape Cod working on Old cottages and then after the Marines with Mr Dan Quinn from Skyline Engineers. After traveling the country restoring churches ,Mr. Curtis started Old Time Restoration Inc. , while the past 30 years , his knowledge from working in every section of old buildings and there structures. Lead to his ability to help my clients, today take care of there buildings by bringing old school into new school technologies with keeping cost down.

Old Time Restoration is an R.R.P. Citerfied Firm from E.P.A. This entitles Old Time Restoration to handle building that may or may not have the dangerous material of lead. Old Time Restoration employees are OSHA certified also.

Please Contact Old Time Restoration either through our contact page or call our office
Old Time Restoration Inc.
978 297 3970
Winchendon , MA 01475

Since 1979, Old Time Restoration has earned numerous awards and numerous articles in national and local paper. Some of these include:

Mass Historical Preservation Award winner
New York Times
Local news papers numerous times

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