Newbury North Associates

Newbury North Associates

Building Estate Home for Discerning Clients


Newbury North Associates exacts a level of excellence in detail unmatched in South Florida, resulting in the finest level of craftsmanship available. The strength of Newbury North Associates is in our expertise at merging the vision of both client and architect.

Since its founding in 1989, Newbury North Associates has always concentrated on high-end custom residential construction. Owner Dave Rogers, a veteran of the construction industry in New England, launched Newbury North Associates after a visit to Naples. Since then, the company’s reputation has grown among architects, real estate agents, engineers, and the most discriminating homeowners. Newbury North has worked with some of the country’s top architects and has developed solid working relationships with trusted local and national subcontractors.

Newbury North maintains its own frame carpenty crew, millwork carpentry crews, and cabinetry shop, allowing it to maintain its standards of quality control and meet scheduling demands. The company’s carpentry techniques are second-to-none, and its crews have received recognition in a number of national construction publications.

The focus on detail and craftsmanship in a Newbury North Home is evidence of the attitude that permeates the entire company. That attitude commitment is why Newbury North Associates is the area’s unparalleled custom home builder.

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