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Nazmiyal Antique Rugs


Nazmiyal Antique Rugs and Oriental Carpets Since 1980

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs is the premier antique carpet dealer in the United States. Nazmiyal has been in the antique rug business for more than thirty years, and has worked with leading figures in interior design, architecture, and many other design related fields.

Because of our extensive inventory and deep relationships in the antique Oriental rug world, the Nazmiyal Collection is always able to offer the best pieces at a fair value. Searching for a trustworthy antique carpet and rug dealer need not be a struggle – look no further than Nazmiyal.

The world of antique rugs, like much of the art world, is one driven by both trends and personal taste. While bright colors and minimalist designs may come in vogue one season, the next may see a preference for more muted tones and more traditional compositions.

Of course, personal taste is less subject to such dramatic shifts – sometimes, you just know what you like, and that’s that. At the Nazmiyal Collection, our comprehensive selection of styles makes us the natural antique carpet and rug dealer for any consumer, whether you’re looking to enjoy the latest trend, or find that piece that you’ve always been looking for.

The Nazmiyal Collection also offers a full range of rug and carpet services, including rentals, restorations and repairs, and cleanings. Likewise, Nazmiyal strongly believes that an educated consumer is the best consumer.

This is why we have spent a great amount of time compiling all of the information that you might want to consider before making your purchase here on our site. We also offer the opportunity to try out a rug in your home for a couple of days before committing to it – we fully understand the impact that a carpet can have on a space.

While there are other antique carpet dealers, there aren’t any as committed to customer satisfaction as the Nazmiyal Collection.