Modern Art Foundry

Modern Art Foundry

Approaching 90 Years of Experience


I often begin tours of Modern Art Foundry by simply stating that my grandfather John Spring started our company in 1932. My father, Bob Spring, began his foundry career in 1955 and ran the day to day operations from about 1970 to 2000. Since then, my sister Mary Jo and I operate the business as third generation owners. It is our hope that we can continue our history and tradition of serving artists and the art community for many more years.

Established in 1932 as the “Artists Foundry”, we strive to provide sculptors access to skilled craftspersons, tools, machinery, and technology needed to cast sculpture. We work on pieces ranging from two inches to 50 feet, from representational to abstract, for the well known, critically acclaimed artist and the sculptor just enjoying art as an amateur, and in most cases it falls some place in between these.

Ever since my first days in 1993, it has been both humbling and amazing to become a part of Modern Art Foundry. The work that has been completed here is a treasured past, with a significant contribution to the history of art casting in the United States. Each day we cast more, and now that I’ve been on the job 25 years, I knowingly but modestly accept that I have become an integral part of this history.

Thousands of artists have passed through our doors. They have not only engaged us with their work, but also shared their spirit with us. We hope that our services have inspired them to continue to share their creativity with the world around us.

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