Lodenstone Brooklyn

Lodenstone Brooklyn

travel. make. share.


Lodestone was created as a space to experience meaningful, one-of-a-kind objects, textiles, furnishings and art sourced from the US and internationally. It’s an effort to keep well-made and thoughtful design and object making alive. Along with the showroom, the company creates is own product line in house and with local artisans. A female and artist run business, we take pride in our effort to be sustainable and to support craftsmen directly as much as possible. We encourage the “small world effect” of working with each other, caring for one another, and communication through the international language of design!

Lodestone is a naturally magnetic stone. It was used to create the first compasses which were not only used for navigation but also for fortune-telling, divination, and geomancy.

The store honors the soulful and hand-made, it supports artisans and collaboration around the world.

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