Little Green

Little Green

Environmentally Friendly Paint and Wallpapers


Little Greene create paints that are gentle on the environment and kind to you and your home!

They let both you and your walls breathe easily, and respect the fabric of your building, whatever its age.

All Little Greene’s paints are manufactured in the company’s Grade 2 listed factory, nestling in the foothills of Snowdonia.

Little Greene’s water-based paints contain minimal VOCs, making them much superior in this respect to ordinary paint and a very reliable eco-friendly product.

Little Greene also maintains its low carbon footprint through being UK-manufactured and through the fact that the paint’s  excellent coverage means a room can be painted in significantly fewer coats, the knock-on effect of which is fewer tins to be delivered and reduced transport pollution.

And, of course, Little Greene cans are made using recycled metal, and they should be disposed of correctly to be recycled again!

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