Kurth Valley Fiber Mill

Kurth Valley Fiber Mill

Fiber Processing & Homesteading


My husband Brandan & I (Lindsay) are the 5th generation to farm on this homestead. Our kids, with good intentions, will be the 6th. We have learned early in life that what matters most is doing what you love. Hardwork and determination will play a big role in the success of our future. Brandan has farmed his whole life and can remember as a child that all feild work was done with horses. That means over the past 30 years we’ve (the Kurths) upgraded and purchased a lot of equipment to run a 60 head cow and calf operation. Since Brandan & I married in 2011, there has been serveral improvements and expansions. We keep our farm diversified with the beef, hay and corn crops, the fiber mill, GNP chicken barns, hogs and custom baling. We also keep busy with our kids, Alexis (5), Anna (3), and Sawyer (1).

We are advocates of doing local business and supporting our local (or at least USA’s) economy. As our income is based on your demand, we know a job well done creates happy and return customers.

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