Kettelle Building Movers

Kettelle Building Movers

Structural Moving and Raising


Kettelle Building Movers began in 1964 when Grant “Pike” Kettelle began purchasing homes that needed to be relocated. As he sought out land to place them, he found the local movers to be occupied with other projects. He developed a relationship with a local mover from South Kingstown, Rhode Island, who at the time was aged and tired. Grant worked with him to learn the trade. In the years that followed, Grant traveled to Newburgh, New York and purchased the assets of a mover that was going out of business. As time went on, Grant began moving and raising homes and buildings in the Washington and Kent Counties of Rhode Island. His most notable move of his early years was the relocation of the North Kingstown High School administrative building, two office buildings measuring 55’ x 105’ each.

Kettelle’s company grew and acquired more equipment as time passed. In 1992 Grant and his son Scott formally established a general partnership and continued to serve the area with pride and professionalism. In 2010, Grant and Scott acquired the assets of another local firm that was going out of business. This purchase more than doubled the size of the business in terms of equipment and capability.

During the last six years, the company has expanded and serves the areas of Connecticut, Southeastern Massachusetts, and all of Rhode Island. Throughout the past four years, they have raised dozens of homes in order to achieve FEMA Compliance.

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