Architectural Conservation Services


Integrated Conservation Resources, Inc. (ICR) and Integrated Conservation Contracting, Inc. (ICC) were founded by Glenn Boornazian in 1987 and are a multi-disciplinary group offering a broad range of architectural conservation services for historic buildings and monuments. Our architectural conservators, conservation scientists, craftspeople, project managers, and construction executives draw from knowledge and experience with historic materials, technologies, and structures to develop, supervise, and implement conservation treatment and restoration programs.

The firms offer a wide range of services such as conditions survey, research and documentation; laboratory and in-situ testing (including non-destructive testing); development of conservation specifications; implementation of mock-ups and probes; cost estimating; development of long-term maintenance programs; and quality control services during construction. ICC provides general contracting; specialized preservation and conservation contracting; construction management; and project implementation.

Our integration of conservation consulting and craft makes us unique in the field while affording us insight into both disciplines. As conservators with hands-on practical experience, we make recommendations that are not only appropriate but are based on an intimate knowledge of practical constraints. As conservation contractors who understand conservation science and the aging of historic materials, we are able to efficiently implement procedures and deal appropriately with anomalies as they arise. This combination supports our design-build project delivery approach that allows seamless, efficient, and high caliber work from the very start of a project through to completion.

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