Green Mountain Soapstone

Green Mountain Soapstone

The Largest Soapstone Supplier to the USA and Canada


Green Mountain Soapstone is a third-generation family owned business, located in the picturesque Green Mountains of Castleton, Vermont. We didn’t wake up one morning and say “let’s get into the stone business”. With stone quarries on two continents this is the Socinski family heritage—passed down from grandfather, to father, to son. Soapstone is only one of the natural stones we have worked with over the past 60 years, and it has become our favorite.

Unsurpassed in quality, we are the largest soapstone supplier to the USA and Canada. We pride ourselves in always being on the leading edge of the soapstone business with innovative products, outstanding customer service and stone availability.

We do not sell soapstone, our satisfied customers do. Our website receives several hundred requests for information each week. Our national fabrication network is fully supported by experienced, hands-on experts in the field. Combined, GMS independent fabricators carry well over 100 years of experience into the field each day. Availability, quality, marketing and fabrication support keep us the leader in the soapstone industry.

Our fabrication facility and showroom in Castleton, Vermont sits on over 20 acres and supports more than 30 local families. Combined with our quarries in Brazil, more than 100 people work each day in support of our customers.

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