Flexible Moulding Concepts

Flexible Moulding Concepts

Flexible Trim


Traditionally when you are looking for a unique product such as flexible moulding you would inquire at your closest home improvement center, or perhaps lumberyard. For many years this was the only option for finding a flexible moulding product. If you did not know it existed or you did not inquire at a lumberyard or home improvement center, you may not ever find an option for those difficult projects that would be a perfect fit for flexible moulding. With the growth of the internet and online marketplace, Flexible Moulding Concepts recognized an opportunity to make the flexible moulding product easy to aquire by anyone from the comfort of their own home or office.

We went online seeking a source for flexible moulding and determined there was not an efficient and easy place online to purchase the product. At this point, we quickly started doing research to help us envision the perfect online marketplace for flexible moulding and related building products. With much research and a lot of thought and planning, we mapped out an online store to provide just that.

The next step was to find a manufacturer who shared our commitment to excellence in regards to being the best, friendliest, and easiest place to buy flexible moulding online. After looking into numerous flexible moulding manufacturers we happened upon the most professional and by far the most knowledgeable company manufacturing flexible moulding today. That company is Resinart. Resinart has been offering the Duraflex and Xtraflex product lines of flexible moulding since 1968. Needless to say, when you spend 40 years perfecting your practice, regardless of what the practice is, you sharpen your technique to an amazing level of efficiency, and quality. After working with Resinart, and thoroughly examining their product line in detail we knew there was no other manufacturer that we needed to talk to. We absolutely had to sell the Duraflex and Xtraflex flexible moulding product line on our website. Resinart continues to evolve their products with the latest innovations making their Duraflex and Xtraflex mouldings environmentally friendly. The flexible moulding we offer is mercury-free and emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) another quality that separates them and us from our competition. It’s important to us that we provide materials we can be proud of.

Aside from being environmentally sound, the flexible moulding that we offer has the appearance of real wood, and is easy to install using traditional woodworking tools. It takes stain better than any other flexible moulding product on the market which helps create a rich, real-wood look in any application. Additionally, the moulding we offer can be used indoors or out, where it will withstand moisture, insects and extreme weather with ease.

Resinart is and has been very willing to work with us up to this point offering us the ability to do custom products, and the only limit we have is our own imagination. We have a wide variety of products to choose from on our website, with virtually limitless access to their uncanny ability to make our vision reality. We are proud to have this relationship with such a high-quality manufacturer and look forward to years of growth with them.

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