Ennis Nehez

Ennis Nehez

Ennis Nehez is a Philadelphia-based design firm that specializes in the integration of architectural and interior design services. Located in East Falls, Ennis Nehez serves the entire Philadelphia region and beyond.


The photographer who set Kelly Ennis and Val Nehez up on a ‘blind date’ could not have been more right in his instinct that they would work well together. When they met at the then under construction church at 3580 Indian Queen Lane, it was clear right away that a new and productive partnership was born. At once, Val and Kelly began to merge their work — Val’s real estate development and design-build practice benefiting from Kelly’s architectural expertise and Kelly’s hands-on and historically sensitive home renovations profiting from Val’s penchant for the bold and innovative.

As a result of Val and Kelly’s sympathetic but varied approaches to design, Ennis Nehez is an office hot on the trail of an emerging design aesthetic in Philadelphia; one that respects and acknowledges the city’s fundamentally historic character while it generates contemporary spaces exciting to Philadelphia audiences, urban newcomers and city veterans alike.

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