East Teak Fine Hardwoods

East Teak Fine Hardwoods

The Fine Hardwoods Experts


It all started with a shipment of rough-sawn teak lumber. Intended for the local boat-building community of Tacoma, Wash., this single container purchased in 1972 eventually led to an unmatched network of international contacts and hardwood sources.

East Teak Fine Hardwoods launched its business with a focus on the marine industry. The company’s founder truly understood the craft of boat-building. This immediately helped East Teak gain a reputation as a valuable resource for small to mid-sized independent boat builders. Then, after gaining a foothold in the industry, the company earned status as a preferred supplier for almost every major marine manufacturer, including Sea Ray, Bayliner and Wellcraft.

East Teak then accomplished what some in the marine industry may have thought impossible. The company dramatically changed ages-old industry standards for the better. For decades, boat builders had ordered rough-sawn boards that were processed by the builder in highly staffed, expensively equipped wood shops. East Teak saw a better way. The company offered finished custom mouldings and millwork on a just-in-time basis, creating dramatic efficiencies for its customers. This practice soon became the new industry standard.

After three decades of growth, East Teak now offers a wide range of hardwood species. In addition, the company is transforming the look of architectural projects of all stripes.

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