DIY Paint Company

DIY Paint Company

Cray Cray for the Clay Clay


To find a retailer in your area or get more info, visit DebisDesignDiary.com or email hello@debisdesigndiary.com.

DIY paint is clay based, is far beyond NO VOC, with just nine natural ingredients our pigments are so rich and concentrated you can dilute out paint 10-1 and still get beautiful color. You can easily blend our colors to get the saturated breathing finishes or create new colors as seen on our social media pages.

Because there is so much clay in our paint, you can create wonderful texture or a smooth finish depending on the application.

Above all else we are a retailer based company. We believe in supporting small businesses, working together as a team and making connections with our valued customers.

We invite you to visit our, “Find a Retailer Tab” at debisdesigndiary.com meet and connect with the faces of DIY Paint. Your local retailer is looking forward to helping you make your projects come to life!

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