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Since 1989, CraftWright has practiced the age-old tradition of timber framing. Using one of the oldest construction techniques in mortise and tenon joinery, our company has produced hundreds of quality dwellings. Whether it is a home, addition, barn, covered bridge, church, museum, or trellis, all of our projects are customized with you in mind.

We have been known to use various types of wood, but most of our designs are made with locally sourced northern oak. At your request, we will also make use of salvaged material, carefully dismantling, relocating, and rebuilding antique large framed structures.

We serve as trusted partners to many of the area’s most talented architects, designers, and builders alike, who rely on our craftsmanship. We guide our clients through each step of the building process, to make sure your vision becomes reality.

The timeless practice of timber framing creates sustainable, long-standing structures. Our facility based in Westminster, MD, aims to embody that philosophy.