British Traditions

British Traditions

Custom Cabinetry


BT Wood Products started out in 1988 as British Traditions. The initial scope of the company was the manufacture of antique reproduction furniture. Over the years we replicated furniture and cabinetry by reverse-engineering old pieces from clients as well as antique stores and swap meets. It has been our goal to also achieve the aged look and feel of furniture that has never been re-finished. We took these techniques to an art form not found anywhere else.

Since successful companies stay successful through growth by diversity, we have followed that formula to a T. Our growth has been achieved through expansion of our product lines to include kitchen and bath cabinets, bookcases, hand carvings and all things wood. From the additions to our knowledgeable sales force, customer service, technology, and the additions of both skilled craftsmen, as well as a policy of continuous improvement by training employees and promoting from within, we feel that we have what it takes to be the premier woodshop in the country.

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