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What Makes Bellwether Craftsmen Unique
Current design and construction conventions place primary emphasis on performance-based energy efficiency metrics. Energy efficiency is an important consideration, however, end-user energy conservation alone is not enough. Conventional approaches enclose timber frame homes with SIP (structurally insulated panels). While this option offers benefits such as ease-of-material order and speed of install, they impose a significant penalty of environmental impact throughout the production chain to end-of-service life. Essentially, the penalty never ends, as foams are highly toxic and extremely persistent in our environment. In addition to that, SIP are costly and offer lower durability as compared to a vapor-open enclosure assembly which translates to shorter service life and higher maintenance costs.

Bellwether offers innovations and alternatives for our enclosures at comparable prices to SIP with added benefits of low environmental impact, improved energy performance, increased durability, and healthy indoor air quality.

Low Impact Insulation:
We encourage the use of sustainable fiber insulations that achieve the highest performance standards as well as carbon storage.

Interior Air Sealing:
A critical component of the any high performance building, we are proficient with the integration and detailing of vapor permeable air-tight systems, achieving passive house standards or better on all of our projects. We favor Pro Clima products and collaborate closely with 475 High Performance Building Supply.

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