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In 1987, Barn Pros, Inc. began building high-quality barns for an expanding market in western Washington and quickly established our reputation as the premier barn-building company in the Pacific Northwest.

When demand outpaced our ability to build, we needed a way to deliver to our customers the same style and quality of a Barn Pros site-built barn in a significantly shorter time frame. The solution – our pre-engineered barn package – has been so successful that Barn Pros now offers not only barns, but also barns with living quarters, barn homes, shops, garages, arenas and professional equestrian facilities.
The door is always open! To schedule a visit of our facility, call us at 866-844-2276. We’re just a few miles north of Seattle, in Monroe, Washington.

Packaged barn kits have a long and wonderful history for barn builders, most famously connected to the Sears mail-order catalog during the early 1900s. A kit makes the build quick, simple and consistent – the barn owner has confidence in the finished product before the package even arrives. Each of the Barn Pros packages are assembled and shipped within a matter of weeks, delivered directly to our customers neatly packaged and ready to build.

The secret to Barn Pros efficiency is our streamlined business model. At our facility near Seattle, Washington, the structural components of each package are manufactured and packaged. We pre-cut and assemble as much as possible before fitting all the materials onto a flatbed truck. Components are then wrapped and loaded on the truck, labeled for easy identification. This entire process takes place inside our 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, ensuring that your lumber is not exposed to the elements until you or your builder unwraps it onsite. The only building materials not included are nails, concrete and the final layer of roofing – everything else arrives on your property palletized and ready to build!

Call us today! Toll-free 866-844-2276.

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