Architectural Reclaimation

Architectural Reclaimation

Over 40 Years of Historic Restoration


Established in 1977 and incorporated January 1, 1982, Architectural Reclamation, Inc. has made its name as a general contractor, primarily in restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures. To complete these projects, we use modern off-the-shelf materials, fabricate new materials to match the old, and reuse old materials salvaged from demolished buildings. When necessary to achieve the desired effect, we have learned traditional crafts, using tools and techniques from an earlier period in history. We are a small family business, run by the Stewart brothers, Andy and Bruce, who personally supervise and work on each job. Susan Stewart, Andy’s wife, fills the role of CEO and takes care of office functions. We at “ArchRec” encourage you to contact us and put our 35+ years of experience to work on your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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