Aquidneck Building Movers

Aquidneck Building Movers

Serving for 40 Years


Reggie Cooper started Aquidneck Building Movers & Riggers, Inc. in 1972. Reggie got his experience moving buildings by working with a family-owned business going back 3 generations. Three generations is a lot of experience and dedication. Through the years with experience and modern technology, moving buildings has become a lot easier.

Take advantage of our experience and professionalism to ensure that your building gets exactly where it needs to be.

Moving buildings is our mission… we can relocate buildings of all types (new, historical, post beam, barns, garages, etc.). We can move buildings on water, on land, even if it’s on a cliff… we can move it.

Being in Rhode Island, we have much experience in relocating structures away from the beach due to beach erosion. For those that like their house on the beach right where it is, we specialize in jacking up and holding buildings in place in order to let crews replace old beach-sand foundations.

Jacking up buildings to put in new foundations is quite popular, as it can save you a lot of money. In a similar vein we also have a lot of experience in raising and holding roofs in place in order to add or replace a second floor.

We love our area’s history… there are so many beautiful and historically significant mansions, homes and other sorts of buildings here.
We are specialists in the Structural Restoration of Historical Buildings… ensuring that those architectural wonders stay beautiful — our structural work includes replacing the main support beams, the old sills, leveling floors and so much more in Historical Homes and Mansions… and in other buildings of any and all types.

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