American Stoves

American Stoves

Custom, Unique Lighting


Omega Lighting Design, started in 1991 as ‘Omega Too’. A place to buy beautiful lights that didn’t quite fit in at the historic Ohmega Salvage Yard down the street. These lights were old, beautiful and needed a lot of work. So, they were fixed, cleaned and brought back to life.

Why throw things away when you can make the old new again? Omega Lighting Design ( O.L.D.) has thrived in a community that appreciates the old and beautiful. We strive to make old houses look like old again, by offering beautiful things that are either truly old, or at least made they way they used to be.

We also sell truly amazing reproductions, and pride ourselves in offering things you won’t find in a large chain store or in a catalog. These reproductions are made by hand and built to last. We sell mostly lights, but if you need a tub, a curtain rod, a door, or something completely random, take a look at all we have to offer. We want to make your old house look like old again … or perhaps give your new house a bit of character.

Jana Olson founded this landmark Berkeley store and has recently passed the torch onto Mark and Vanessa. Jana still makes amazing, beautiful, one of a kind lights for the store. She also restores anything she can get her hands on … these can be found at the store, too.

Custom work is our passion. Whether it is custom iron work or an idea someone wants to bring to light, literally, we can help.

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