Pop Up Mudrooms

Pop Up Mudrooms

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Definition of mudroom 

a room in a house designed especially for the shedding of dirty or wet footwear and clothing and located typically off the kitchen or in the basement
According to Websters Dictionary

Up until recently, one of the most used, yet least thought about spaces in the house is where coats, hats, umbrellas, shoes, boots, backpacks, bags and even dog leashes live. It might be the hall closet, ‘that place’ by the back door or the more traditional word for it – the mudroom.

Architects and interior designers are designing mudrooms to include built-in shelves, lockers, drawers, benches –  all kinds of storage goodies.  Unless you are doing a renovation or building a new house, however, you have probably created your mudroom in an existing space or you are using the overstuffed back hall closet.

What did they use before this proverbial mudroom was invented?  After all, there has always been outdoor wear to discard of when entering a home. Before lamenting that you don’t have a proper mudroom, take a look at a few ways that you can create a functional and charming one for yourself without any construction. It might even be inexpensive (wouldn’t that be nice!)

To start, all you need is a wall.


We’ve been drooling over mudrooms for some time now and have collected them on our Pinterest board and follow us. Before you do, take a look at some of the recommendations you might like for your mudroom.

Artisans List Recommendations

Williamsburg Blacksmiths

In the same forge since 1840 in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, Williamsburg Blacksmiths create authentic reproductions for door, cabinet and shutter hardware and custom work .

WIlliamsburg Blacksmiths dinner gong
Single Coat Rack Hook

Saffron Trading Company

Fair Trade practitioners , Saffron Trading partners with craftsmen around the world who create products made from natural materials that are environmentally sustainable or re-purposed or recycled .

Crossfire Forge

Handmade and traditionally forged, Crossfire Forge uses traditional blacksmithing techniques of  using a coal fired forge, hammer and anvil. Visit them at their website or Etsy store.

Old Hickory

Old Hickory is one of the iconic furniture makers in the United States. Started in the 1890’s, their front porch rustic style has graced the porch of many a fine old inns as well as President’s summer houses. Find a dealer near you here.

old hickory bench mud room
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