How to Decorate Your Walls with Old Plates

How to Decorate Your Walls with Old Plates


It’s so simple to decorate your walls with old plates; we’re talking china, old trays and random antique platters sitting in your attic. These gems deserve to be seen, not tucked away into hidden cabinets.  And we’re not the only ones loving the trend of reusing what you have: it seems designers have caught the up-cycle bug, too! Kathryn Greeley uses plates in her decorating style in much of her work, as seen in the above image.  Nancy Roberts, of Nancy’s Daily Dish,  sells vintage and antique transferware in every color.  Nancy also offers custom wall design services should you not want to DIY it on your own.

Voila! Hang your plates on the hooks, and you’ve got a stunning display to decorate your walls,  without spending a fortune.


  • Take the pieces you’ll be using and lay them out on the floor or on a table.
  • Arrange them in pattern that pleases you. Make sure there is one large or interestingly shaped plate in the center. That will anchor your design, and this anchor piece is also the first piece that you will hang.
  • On the wall, mark where you’d like to place the center of this display.  As a general rule of thumb, the center tray should be at eye level.  If you are arranging this over a table or chairs,  leave approximately 18″ – 24″ from the bottom trays.
  • Carefully attach Plate Hangers to your trays on the narrowest sides.
  • Eyeball the trays on the wall before hanging – it’s a good idea to have someone hold it up for you to step back to assess it. Try to leave a few inches in between each tray, and keep them equally spaced, if possible. Make sure rectangular trays are level, and position any designs the way you like them.
  • Put a piece of tape where you want your wall hooks to go and nail them in. The tape will prevent the paint or plaster from flaking or peeling when you remove the hooks.
  • Voila! Hang your plates on the hooks, and you’ve got a stunning display to decorate your walls,  without spending a fortune.

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