Growing & Storing Your Own Food with Shaye Elliott

Growing & Storing Your Own Food with Shaye Elliott

If you are interested in growing potatoes and onions, now is the time to plant.  (Watch Shaye's video above.)

Shaye and Stuart Elliot of The Elliot Homestead along their four children have a farm in Washington State where they grow and raise their own food.  Shaye shares her journey of learning, successes and failures on everything from homesteading, raising her kids and living a simple (hardworking!) country life in today’s age.  Her website is so interesting and you’ll enjoy her articles, journals, videos and find access to her cooking community.

Shaye and Stuart have two types of gardens, the Market Garden, where they grow a lot of produce for the whole year such as potatoes, onions and root vegetables and her Potager,  (vegetable garden) or as we call it here, Kitchen Garden, where you grow your daily produce such as herbs, salad greens, beans and the likes. Whatever you choose to call it, be assured that growing your own veggies and fruits is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

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