Treasure Hunting in Your Home

Treasure Hunting in Your Home

Most of us are collectors without even realizing it.  From the little souvenirs your Aunt Mary brought you back from her cruise around the world to the plates you just ‘had to have’ at the Flea Market five years ago. What about those boxes that your Mom dropped when she cleaned out her house when she was moving to downsize. Have you even opened them yet?

  • Put aside some time to explore your own house.  Start with your attic and basement.  What have you put up there for ‘safe keeping’ but haven’t seen for years?  Rediscover and recycle it back into your home.
  • Next stop, those nooks and crannies – drawers, under the bed, in the back of closets…. take a good look. Keep what you want and get rid of the rest.
  • Look in plain site. Are there things you have stacked up or put in cupboards?

What to Do With Your Finds

Organizing Bookshelves

Bookshelves are clutter magnets filled with randomly placed books, papers, magazine and homeless items.  Organize your shelves with these simple tips:

  • Put the books in order whether they be by topic, size, or color.
  • Divide the shelf into sections.  Perch some of the books typically upright and stack others in between lying down.  Mix it up, don’t let every shelf be the same pattern.
  • Add some of your other lovely finds – a stack of teacups and saucers, a paperweight, framed photos – whatever fits in nicely that will add to the design.

Decorate the Walls with Old Plates

China, old trays, random platters old family pictures deserve to be seen.

Click here for instructions on how to do it.

Mismatched Chairs

For some reason, unused chairs seem to eventually find their way to the attic or basement. Some match, but oft times, many do not. This is a great opportunity to put some creative juices to work.  Pull those chairs out, wash them down and paint them. There are two ways to go – give them each their own unique color, or paint them all the same.  Whichever you decide, they will make a lovely statement in your home.

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