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Fast, easy, homespun recipes and how-to videos from classically-trained TV chef, author, and adventure guru Georgia Pellegrini, to help you become more self-sufficient in the kitchen and in life.  Georgia’s focus is integrating good old fashioned methods in today’s life.  Simple, natural and easy. For more of Georgia, explore her website.

Growing up on her family’s farm in upstate New York, Pellegrini developed a passion for simple farm-to table food and a deep  connection to the outdoors. Having worked in the finance world after college, she decided to leave her cubicle and reconnect with her roots. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, she began working in Michelin restaurants in New York and France, including Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Gramercy Tavern, and La Chassagnette.

Soon she started leading her renowned Adventure Getaways: excursions around the country aimed at promoting “manual literacy” and helping participants step outside of their comfort zone and experience life more viscerally.

To find your next great experience, contact Georgia about her Adventure Getaways.

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