Finding the Best Yard Sales

Finding the Best Yard Sales

Looking For Treasures Estate or Yard Sales

Estate, Yard, Tag or Garage Sales – they are all the same thing.  It is the ultimate way of repurposing household furniture and items no longer needed  – sell it to someone who wants it. If you’re on a budget, a diy’er or both… head out to your local tag or yard sales.  Keep your eyes open for sales that are called “Estate Sales".  Those are usually whole house contents being put out for the public to come in and buy.  Some of those old homes have brought everything out from the attic and basement. This is where you can find the true treasures.

This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your husband, friends or, better yet, bring one of your kids – teach them the ropes.  They can find their own DIY project to do.  If you are a seasoned yard sale hunter, you’ll know the pro’s, like antique store buyers and interior designer, are first on line even before the time the sale says it will begin. Get there with them. The good stuff goes first!

How to Find Yard Sales Wherever you are!  Search your town or areas near you.

Facebook –  Search the name of your town and add one of the following at a time: Sell & Swap, Tag Sales, Garage Sales or Yard Sales.

Yard Sale Websites These sites have sales listed in your area mostly of them with preview pictures of what they are selling – preview pictures included.  Check out their tips and tricks and blogs  they all have smart shopping and great hunting information.  If you are a seller, listings are FREE with paid listings upgrades with added perks.

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